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Declutter Your Life and Closet

Splurging leads to a heap of extra products that might not even come at your use. Excessive amount of shopping is a bad habit and results in cluttering your wardrobe and your household. However it also doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to do any sort of shopping and starve yourself from following the trends you love.

It’s time to ‘declutter’ your life by making yourself aware about the concept of capsule wardrobe. Put simply, it’s a way of minimizing your clothes into a small collection that easily mixes and matches. Instead of stuffing your closet with items you barely wear, keep some essentials that can be worn in different styles at different occasions. To sort things out, we bring a list of essential items that one must have in their wardrobe and can do wonders to your style too.


White Kurta

Whether you’re a working woman or a retired man, white kurta in your closet can do wonders in many ways. For men, if worn over a churidar, dhoti or on a pair of denims with a pair of sunglasses you are ready to rock the summers. For women, a white kurta can be matched with narrow pants, plazzos, leggings or with a pair of denims. Once you’re over with the it’s white color reuse the same kurta by getting it dyed in a different color and play it with any sorts of lower.



Demins are the saviour of any wardrobe. Half of the outfits are matched with them, resulting in buying unlimited pair of it. But for a capsule wardrobe, 3 pair of denims are more than enough. While playing with outfits around those jeans the original color fades away which leads in buying a new pair. One of many benefits of having denims is they are dyeable. When the color fades away make it a brand new pair by getting it dyed in a different color. No need to spend thousands of bucks on buying a new pair now!



Trouser is the most comfortable and long lasting piece of clothing one can have in their wardrobe. Mix and match them with any T-shirt, top or kurta and the purpose of staying comfortable is fulfilled.


Now that we’ve talked about the little essentials in your wardrobe, there are many DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques that makes your living space more special, customized and efficient. Do send us the picture of your DIY tricks used in your closet and house. Here are DIYs for you:


  1. Home-made Scarf

Homemade scarf.

  1. T-shirts changed as a pillow or cushions


  1. Mini Sling Bag from Denim pockets


  1. Basket Decor


What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobe and little DIY tricks for efficient purchasing? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. For any queries, call us at +91-9999272203.

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