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Choose The Right Wheelchair

Wondering why is it such a big deal to choose the right wheelchair? They look pretty much the same. Right? You may be wrong in thinking this. It‘s just not as simple as it seems. Choosing the right wheelchair for a person in need is very important. Every wheelchair has its own purpose. A wheelchair is much more than ‘looks’. It not only serves the purpose but it is a life saver for a person. Therefore, we are here to tell how to choose the right wheelchair.

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport Wheel Chair














As thename suggests, they help in transporting the patients easily. These are generally used in hospitals for patients mobility. They are lightweight and compact than the traditional wheelchairs. The traditional wheelchairs were heavy which made it difficult for the patient and the caretaker for mobility. But the transport wheelchairs are so compact that they can be adjusted into a car.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheel Chair

They are designed with two big wheels on the sides where any user can impel it using hand rims. It is generally used for patients with a short-term disability such as fractures, ankle sprains, etc. They come in many sizes and weight capacities to make the patient comfortable while using it.

Sports Wheelchairs

Sports Wheel Chair

Sports Wheelchairs are generally designed for sports players with disabilities. It allows excellent mobility to the players for the sports such as Basketballs, Tennis, Rugby, etc. So if you seniors have an interest in any sports but your disability stops you from playing, your sports wheelchair is waiting for you.

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Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheel Chair

These wheelchairs come with electronic devices within the wheelchair which make it support free for the person on wheelchair. Through the electronic device installed, a person can travel alone with the help of joystick attached on the wheelchair. This gives a sense of independence to the person and does not have to be dependent on another person.

Tilt or Recline Wheelchairs

Tilt Wheel Chair

Tilt or recline wheelchairs are special wheelchairs that distribute pressure which reduces the risk of skin sores. These wheelchairs also increase the comfort and sitting tolerance of a person. These wheelchair re-distributes pressure from the buttocks, posterior thighs and head. This type of wheelchair can be used at work places also.

Sitting in a wheelchair is not a curse till the time you don’t choose an appropriate wheelchair. People are mostly not aware of the suitable type of wheelchair that can solve their purpose, but we at All About Seniors wish to solve this problem for your loving seniors.

If you have any doubt about any medical equipment such as choosing the right wheelchair or want to buy any medical equipment for your loved ones, enquire us here and we will get back to you for providing the best services. Because we love caring for seniors

The rents charged for normal wheelchairs costs between 1200 – 1500 INR/ PM while their security charges cost 3000-400 INR. For head and leg recliner,  the rent cost between 1500-2500 INR/ PM and the security amount cost between 7000-9000 INR.


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