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8 Essential accessories for your Yoga journey

“Yoga se hi hoga” , you must have heard this phrase very often by people giving advice on health. Yoga has simultaneously gained a lot of popularity with its unique and easy poses from surya namaskar to simple tree and bridge poses.

Yoga doesn’t need a coach or teacher to begin with. Its poses take a little effort and understanding. From stress  anxiety, depression to Alzheimer’s, yoga is a magic solution to almost every health issue we are going through. 

Yoga also doesn’t have any age boundations further it itself helps you look more younger and  stronger. 

Comfort with yoga accessories to a perfect room temperature and peaceful environment with a nice aroma is all that is required to start the perfect initiation.

All about seniors have 8 essential accessories to help you with your yoga journey . # Let’s grow.

Yoga mat is the first essential accessory one needs to practice yoga. Though it can be any piece of cloth also but rubber yoga mats are anti slippery and can set on any surface. You can explore buying this yoga mat from amazon. There are many options available in the market. You can get it as less as for 200 rupees to 3000 rupess depending upon different factors.

How to choose yoga mat

Another essential yoga accessory which makes it easy and comfortable for you to carry your mats.

100% natural cotton and has roles to play from carrying yoga mats to physical stretching it can be used in both ways.

Available in more than 5 colors. 

Let’s get this essential one for making our journey more smooth.

A serene environment is what adds a lot of peace to our mind and helps us in performing our best. These yoga scented candles can be a great companion . enjoy the best aroma with these candles which can burn from approximately 25-30 hours.

The tin can be used for decoration purposes later and the product is all safe as it has non-toxic smokeless combustion. 

Let us know in the comment section about you personal experience in using the one.

If your knee denies you from doing further bending or sobs for longing poses this wooden bench can help. For a knee position , unfold the legs and slip it behind you legs, this simultaneously transfers the body weight to the bench and not knees. This product is committed to make your further yoga practices more positive , generous and Eco-friendly . It can be easily carried and is also convenient to fit in any corner thus takes less for resting.

Meditation gear cushion for your practice which can be easily set on the floor. Peasant in 3 colors these cotton casing stuffed with finest buckwheat hulls and all for your comfort. They can ease your poses and stretches and result in making the process a lot more fun.

Try them and let us know in the comment section how you felt about it.

Yoga socks

Yoga asanas need firm grip and for this you have a cool acquaintance, these affordable yoga socks available in most of the colors. It’s a perfect accessory to boost your performance, with a beautiful ethnic pattern in the bottom of your ballet socks.

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