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Know Solar Eclipse of the decade- Coincides with the longest day of the Northern Hemisphere

solar eclipse, 21st june 2020

People of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttarakhand will experience the “ring of fire” in the sky today while many other parts of the country will see the partial solar eclipse, also known as Surya Grahan. Surya Grahan – In Gemini & Mrigshira Nakshatra at 6 degrees 13’

21st June 2020 almost after 19 years, 98.8% Grahan can be considered as full Eclipse, would almost be dark at Grahan time where the shadow falls. This would be named as Chudamani Grahan (Would form a Fire Bangle – Image attached of the same Chudamani Grahan which took place in 1999).

Ring of Fire -Solar Eclipse

A word from Pundits
Sutak Time starts – 12 hours prior to Eclipse.

It is believed that one of the most significant events in Astrological Scripture has it has the ability to influence every element on our Planet Earth. It would bring positivity & Negativity to everybody as per the planetary position in their hora chart however this has more effects on Country’s Collective Destiny. (Those who were not much affected by the previous Lunar Eclipse may not encounter much issues)


  • Pregnant women take rest & Chant in any condition until the Moksha kal ends on 21st June (Please refer to Panchang)
  • Clear all cooked food items from the Kitchen, Fridge, even cooked/packed food like waters etc.
  • Keep a Tulsi or Kusha Grass in Grain boxes, pickles, dry fruits, water pot etc. They got the potential to nullify negative energy which occurs during the eclipse, else the food turns toxic.
  • Eat food before 2200 hrs 20 June, which can get digested easily & fast from Food & water until the Moksha time ends the next day.
  • Sick people, Kids, Patients, Pregnant can eat few hours before the Eclipse takes place & not after that until moksha kaal. In hard condition dnt eat when the actual eclipse occur.
  • Before the Eclipse starts, one can bath and sit for their chants on asan. Do tarpan to Ancestors, chant on their behalf.

Mantra to be chanted

Can be chanted from Sutak kaal to moksha kaal or from Brahma Muhurat to Moksha Kaal or at the actual time of Grahan.

Shriram’s Mantra “रां रामाय नम:
Surya Mantra “ऊँ सूर्याय नम :
Vishnu Mantra “ऊँ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय :

Charity should be done after the Eclipse, necessary items to the Poor people. Add some yellow items to it. Feed the cow, take bath in rivers etc . Pundits suggest that anything done within this time zone gives a thousand times more benefits

The story behind it – from the Pundits

North Lunar Node & South Lunar Node (Rahu & Ketu) – Mohini who turns Lord Vishnu cuts the head of a Danava Svarbhnu after he drank The Immortality nectar/ Amrut, the nectar was so powerful that even after this head gets chopped by Sudarshan chakra both the part remains alive. Sun & Moon who complained about Svarbhnu cheated & sat between us in a different attire, to revenge Sun & Moon. Rahu & Ketu Eats them up but because the head is without the body the Graha, Sun & Moon come out from the other side of it. (Puranic Explanation)

Scientific – Solar Eclipse occurs when moon passes between Earth & Sun

“Every eclipse has an effect on the collective destiny”- Pundits on the solar eclipse 2020

Chants for Protection from Sun Eclipse super glow UV Radiation

“तमोमय महाभीम सोमसूर्यविमर्दन. हेमताराप्रदानेन मम शान्तिप्रदो भव॥१॥”

Thamomaya mahaabheema
Somasurya vimardana.
Hema taara pradhaanena
mama shaanthi pradho bhava.1.

The greatest source of energy,that is capable of destroying inertia.
Who burns entire fuel of fire within to experience Zero entropy
The star that emits golden rays is highly praised for bringing life to this planet

“विधुन्तुद नमस्तुभ्यं सिंहिकानन्दनाच्युत. दानेनानेन नागस्य रक्ष मां वेधजाद्भयात्२॥

”Vidhunthuda nama stubhyam
Sinhikaananda naachyutha.
Dhane naanena nahaaya raksha mam

Oh Sun you are highly praiseworthy of burning karma by wisdom eye.
Your glory can’t be touched by anything
Because of your sacrifice of burning your self, protects all of us.
Oh mother and your children in the womb be protected


The time for releasing the Energy from the Guru of Devatas /Jupiter & Guru of Danavs Sukra/Venus to show its max power on our Planet Earth.

Grahan is Collective Destiny, Like we had the earlier one in November 2019 which got Covid outbreak. So this Grahan would show its effects soon & should Last for 6 months.

*None of the information stated above is the personal opinion of the team at All About Seniors.

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