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Patanjali with his age old history

International Yoga Day is greeting us on tuesday, June 21, 2022. Many will again be in limelight. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who bought this thought to UN for making yoga as an international event has given a lot of inspiration to the whole world. He is going to celebrate his yoga day 2022 in Mysore.

Ever wondered where the name ‘Patanjali ‘ came from? Who brought this beautiful heritage to our country?

Let’s explore this topic: Patanjali. Who was Patanjali ? When was this person born? How has it benefited us ? #Let’s Grow.

Who is Patanjali?

Patanjali - Wikipedia
  • Patanjali was an ancient  Indian sage . He lived between the 4th and 5th CE and was the author and compiler of some very important works.
  • He was also called Gonardiya,or Gonikaputra and a little is known about him and where he lived.
  • It is estimated that he got his teachings from Panini.

What were his works?

  •  He was the author of ‘MAHABHASHYA’ , which was a commentary on some selected rules of Sanskrit grammar from the Panini treatise. 
  • Medical text called PATANJALI TANTRA Is one of the works where he quoted many medieval health science related texts.
  •  He also gave yoga sutras. There are 196 Indian sutras on yoga. Earlier the text was fully obscure until in the late 19th century due to the efforts of Swami Vivekananda and others. Its publicity aced in the 20th century. 

Use of his work

  • Scholars consider the yoga sutras of Patanjali formulations as one of the foundations of classical philosophy on yoga of Hinduism.
  • Famous saint Sadguru also shared that Patanjali’s yoga sutra idea is a  modern yoga form i.e Naveen yoga . Yoga was discovered way earlier than him but was in a confusing form. Saint Patanjali brought a compilation of yoga forms, mudras, and other rules under yoga sutras work.
  •  His work has been memorized in a verse by Bhoja at the start of his commentary on the Yoga Sutras called Rājamārttanda.

 “Yōgēna cittasya padēna vācāṁ malaṁ śarīrasya ca vaidyakēna. Yōpākarōttaṁ pravaraṁ munīnāṁ patañjaliṁ prāñjalirānatōsmi”

Which means that , “I bow with my hands together to the eminent sage Patañjali, who removed the impurities of the mind through yoga, of speech through grammar, and of the body through medicine”.

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