Aksam Family Suraksha Ultrasonic Pest Repellent


Aksam pest repelled-cum-health care system very good product for daily use good for use at homes, restaurants, offices and many other places. Works on ultrasonic wave principals. This is an electrical, non-chemical, natural, pest repelled using the latest technology which has studied in depth into the life style and life cycle of household pests. the appropriate ultrasonic pressure repels and also hinders breeding and life cycles of known household pests like mice’s, rats, lizards, cockroaches, fleas, ants etc. A must for every home specification product feature high quality with Japanese technology * direct plugin * negative ions helps to remove dusts, bacteria from the air you breath in your home. * no chemical, no vapor, no Smell, no pulveriser * emits a signal ultrasound especially gauged to drive away the majority of mosquitoes. * colour: – white the box1 pc repelled


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