W2 Total Protection Kit (2000 ml)


W2 All Day Protection Spray Kit kills germs upto 99.9%. Based on technology from IIT Bombay, these are completely ALCOHOL FREE products, natural, biodegradable, safe and GRAS approved compositions. Its efficiency is analogous to 70% Alcohol or 0.2% Sodium Hypochlorite. Good for: Hand & Skin ,Apparel & Clothing, Bedcovers, Pillow Covers ; Linen, Curtains, Cushions etc. Kids Soft Toys Towels, Bathrobes Upholstery; Air Protection ; Surface Protection. All products with Very Pleasant Fragrances. .This Protection Kit contains ; 1 Hand and Body Protection Spray (500ml) 1 Nos. Apparel Protection Spray (500 ml) 1 Nos. Room Protection Spray (500ml) 1 Nos. Surface Protection Spray (500ml ). Just spray W2 Apparel Protection Spray abundantly on your clothes and within 2 minutes you are protected for upto 24 hrs. The W2 Surface Protection Spray once applied on the surface in your home, office, computer, phone, devices, will keep the surface/s completely safe and protected for upto 24 hours. The Room Protection Spray cleans and refreshes the air around you. The W2 Hand & Body Protection Spray not only protects from germs but also Moisturises the skin. All products are non-inflammable and absolutely safe for kids.


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