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Seniors Se Seekh – Hand Care Tips

-by Senior Sudershan

Holding hands is a sweet, little gesture we all appreciate in any relationship, right? Pampering ourselves is probably the best way we can appreciate and embrace our bodies. So, when it comes to taking care of ourselves, then why do we only limit ourselves to the face. Well-groomed hands can be an instant attractive feature when we shake hands with people. It is said that using appropriate hand gestures while speaking increases your intelligibility of speech and the listener can grasp more and better of what you are conveying to them. In such a situation, properly maintained hands can help great deal in increasing your confidence.

This segment of Seniors Se Seekh talks about how one can take well care of their hands. What are the do’s and don’ts of well groomed hands and also how can you do manicures at home –

DO’S –

1). Make it a habit of moisturizing your hands at regular intervals with any good quality lotion. Hand lotion is as important for the hands as a protective cream is for your face. So keep this in mind and make a habit of regularly caring for your hands.

2). Use a good hand cream after every time you wash your hands.

3). Do keep your nail filer, nail cutter and pair of nail scissors clean, to prevent any infection.

4). Do change your nail polish at least once a week and let your nails breathe for the night.

5). Do have professional manicure at least once in a month.

6). Every morning, you must clap loudly for about 100 hundred times. Clapping therapy is also known for taking care of overall heart health and blood pressure.

7). You must give acupressure to your both the hands every day.

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1). Never wash your hands with either very hot or very cold water. Use water at room temperature.

2). Do not leave your hands hanging out of habit for too long as this will encourage heavy veins. 

3). Never expose your hands directly to rough surfaces without adequate protection on your hands and nails.

4). If you think your hand lotion isn’t rich enough, then mix a bit of night cream in it.

How to give yourself a Manicure at home –

Step 1- if you have any nail polish on, remove it first with cotton and nail paint remover.

Step 2 – File your nails in a novel shaped, filing towards the tip and never deep down the nail, as this will weaken the nail.

Step 3 – Add a little bit of shampoo, essential oils and rose petals in warm water and soak your hands in the warm water for about 5 minutes. This will clean your nails.

Step 4 – Use nail brush and apply the cuticle remover to remove the cuticle with a nail pusher.

Step 5 – Wash and apply cuticle cream and massage on the nails.

Step 6 – Wash and apply the base coat first then apply two thin layers of nail polish. Remember to let the first 313131coat dry before the second is applied.

Step 7 – Apply the seal coat to make the nail harder.

Nail Polishes which are popular these days:

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