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This Fathers Day, lets meet the first time Fathers in the town :)

Being a father is a whole different world. Fun, companionship, responsibility, enjoyment…everyone has their own emotions for this role of theirs. 

This year many stars welcomed their babies. Social media flooded with cute lovely pictures.Little, tiny feet with socks , hidden kids faces  and what not…such posts adored everyone who saw these.

Let’s get to know two of those stars today and how they were being one of the best dads in their own way.

Gautam Kitchlu

(Husband of famous south India actress Kajal )

The couple welcomed their baby boy , Neil on 19 April and Kajal was very vocal about the experience she was having, her exercise and most importantly her husband’s support.

Kajal shared that like her, even her husband is being a hands- on- parent. She captioned that “ Gautam is a wonderful father. He is just so involved and proactive when it comes to taking care of the baby.”

She adds, “ My early trimester was difficult . I had a lot of nausea and every time I woke up to throw up , he would also wake up and follow me till the bathroom. He always tried to comfort me in whatever way he could. He also accompanied me for every visit I made to my doctor. He dealt with it so well.”

He was there for her during the delivery while the whole  world was also going through Covid. He stood by her through thick and thin.

There’s a lot one can take from Kajal & Gautams story .

Yuvraj with dividing the workload with wife Hazel

Cricketer Yuvraaj singh welcomed his little Singh last December and with 3 months of being a parent shared his experience on Instagram.

He was caught doing fatherly duties and managing the nappies of the child. 

Married for 5 years now, the cricketer shared a video with his instagram family with a caption , “ I believe the best thing we can do for mommies is to be an equal partner in parenting. Be it diapering or feeding. I was always learning but Hazel was just perfect.”

Yuvraj was seen steaming the essential milk related product of the little Singh and mentioned the hard work a mother  does during pregnancy and what all she needs is support. 

Being the other half the father can add a lot of quality days to the mother by helping in little kind things .

3.  Harsh Limbachiy

(Husband of Bharti Singh )

Being a director, Harsh is a busy dad who spends most hours in his work stage.

Harsh Limbachiya and Bharti Singh have a combined YouTube channel named LOL (Life of Limbachiya) .

Welcoming their baby boy this year , their vlog had all the memories tied . It was testimony to the fact that Harsh is a caring father even though he has a busy  lifestyle .

From supporting Bharti’s step of continuing work during her pregnancy to following her steps in the labor room, Harsh was everywhere.

In one of their vlogs Bharti shared Harsh’s visiting home at late night hours and after a quick bath, spending hours watching his son ‘Gola’ sleeping. That’s heart touching..isn’t !

4. RJ Anmol

( Husband of famous Actress Amrita Rao )

Must have heard him in Radio Mirchi playing your favorite songs and sharing Bollywood celebrities conversations with his listening audience.

He got married to the famous Actress of movie , ‘Vivah’ , Amrita Rao.

In their YouTube channel ,” Couple of things ” , both of them shared how they tried a number of methods to get pregnant and how almost all failed .

Anmol was eager to be a parent he shared and at last their hope got the track.

Anmol also shared a cute video involving all parenting duties with his little born kid. Video titled ,”Don’t rush challenge ” contained him doing Oil massage , hot water bath , dry braady , feeding , burp and at last Veer sleeping.

He did it all alone by himself .

He is the cutest dad in the social media performing his fatherly duties.

5. Hardik Pandya 

Hardik Pandya is an all rounder not just in the stadium grounds but also in his home ground as a father.

Recently being the captain of the new IPL team Gujarat Titans , he ruled the matches by his captaincy . He got the trophy of IPL 2022 . 

Hardik got married to his Serbian Partner, Natasa Stankovic, and welcomed their baby in the year 2020.

If you are an Instagram user, you must be acknowledged by the videos of Hardik’s with his son. 

From cute secret hugs to teaching him cricket and later cuddling with all love we can get the glimpse of the kind of dad he is.

Announcing the birth of his child on Instagram he posted a photo with diapers on the back seat of his car and captioned it with ,” Baby diapers are on the way”. 

Every dad has big duties and hefty responsibilities with a bunch of loads but Hardik indirectly preaches us to be involved in kids’ journey.

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