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Ancient yoga soothing moderns

Meet the celebrities who practice yoga to make life better !

Yoga simply means ” yog ” i.e unity.

In the present times, yoga has become extremely popular for helping in mind and body health in place. With the work of guru like Ramdev and also with the encouragement from the Prime Minister of India, PM Narender Modi, Yoga has gained another level not only in India but across the word.

Though yoga is much more than mere physical assistance still, even its limited practice plays a major supportive role in living a better life. Yoga is a hope for multiple diseases across the world.. All forms of medicines support the practice of yoga for better results. Building our inner core and aligning our chakras is the inner work that yoga does while the medicines do its work. 

Yoga has also formed a community of like minded people across the country. People meet , share their experiences and encourage each other. State yoga classes are being promoted by the Delhi government free of cost. Localized are encouraged to practice yoga in the group and for this they can call a yoga teacher free of cost. A group of 20 beginners with a tutor and a limited space is all good to go !

Considering the changes in technology and lifestyle, the only thing fruitfully earned by the world  is ” Yoga “. From complex to simple asanas with right breathing is what it mainly takes . 

Yoga has a beautiful ancient history. Earlier the old saint ” Patanjali ” of  3 AD worked to combine all the clusters of yoga and combined it beautifully in “Yoga Sutras.”

It has multiple views in the eyes of many , while some are considering the psychology behind it , some are busy working into holding their perfect breath for  a perfect execution. A few want to try the complex poses while some are only into easy stretches. 

Yoga a healer

We all go through some stress , anxiety , and fear . Yoga is a simple answer for many solutions, specially stress.

We at All about Seniors have a list of really popular celebrities who swear by yoga and use it as their backbone at every stage of life.Its a healer for them and a great companion too. Lets meet few of them :-

#1. Malaika Arora

From a divorce to facing the paparazzi for her young love ,Mr. Arjun Kapoor , there has been a lot Malaika has suffered. Her calm walks after the yoga sessions are all testimony to the fact that “yoga Se hi Hoga”.

Recently she has met with a leg injury and promised her fans to come up stronger . 

#2. Janvi Kapoor

   The Kapoor family has gone through a lot in the past few years. Janvi Kapoor , the eldest daughter of Lt. Sridevi is seen as one of the strongest girl on social media. She boost hers and her fans with her calm and tranquil easy yoga poses .  Her yoga session with her BFF Sara Ali Khan is all friendship can add to your yoga journey i.e more fun.

#3. Ananya Panday

 Ananya can surely hold you by her sweet voice. Daughter of Chunky Panday ,Ananya Panday is proving to be a true inspiration.  Ananya, like many of her age, experience a heart breakwith famous lively actor Ishaan Khattar, but she seemed to handle all with grace.

Her conversations with the media and poised persona is result of her everyday yoga sessions. Simple yoga poses to Aerial yoga and her fancy yoga costumes ,paparazzi is all active in posting her world .

#4. Sushmita Sen

 Miss Universe and famous actress of the early 90’s, Sushmita Sen  is a strong single mother. Sen  has adopted 3 kids ; 2 daughters and 1 son. Currently she is in a live-in relationship . 

She is criticized for her relationship with Rohman Shawl .Society never accepted her bold decisions.  Her professional career also fluctuated from time to time .

All this required a lot of courage. Kudos to Sushmita Sen for having such a positive aura always around her. We definitely feel its from her dedication to yoga. Her social media has regular shared from her yoga sessions where she not only practices but also guides others. You too can follow her social media link by clicking here.

Isn’t it so impressive how these leading celeb too practice the art of yoga and are setting an example for many to follow. Learn the art of practicing perfect mudras by clicking here.

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