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Dr. Mansi: Your catalyst for growth, your partner for success.​

Welcome to the world of Dr. Mansi Sehdev – a distinguished media professional, former journalist, and credible voice in the industry. With a robust background in sports anchoring for esteemed channels such as ESPN, ZEE, DD, IBN 7, and more, Dr. Mansi seamlessly blends her media expertise with extensive exposure to the medical industry.

Having conducted media literacy programs with BBC and contributed to IT services  for various corporate and medical entities, Dr. Mansi stands as a versatile and respected figure. Her journey takes a significant turn as she dedicates herself to transforming the aging narrative.

In her pursuit to bring about positive aging, Dr. Mansi, since 2014, has been curating accurate information, designing impactful courses, and organizing engaging activities for seniors. The mission is clear – to empower individuals in their golden years with the right knowledge, activities, and resources for a fulfilling life. This was the start of all about seniors magazine.

Explore the world of Dr. Mansi Sehdev, where credibility meets compassion, and experience the difference as age becomes a journey of growth, enrichment, and joy.

YouTube Mastery for Seniors: Master Class on January 26

Empower your golden years with our exclusive YouTube Course Master Class tailored just for seniors!  Join Dr. Mansi Sehdev on January 26 to discover the art of sharing your wisdom, stories, and passions on YouTube.  Limited spots available. Apply now to make your mark. Its free !
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