Control D Blood Glucose Monitor



Introducing the Control D Blood Glucose Monitor, a comprehensive solution for easy and accurate blood glucose testing:

This kit includes everything you need for glucose testing, including the Glucometer, Lancing Device, Lancets, and 50 Strips, providing convenience and value in one package.

The kit comes with strips and lancets, ensuring safe and hygienic testing practices.

With no coding required, the monitor takes just 5 seconds and a small 0.5µl droplet of blood to provide your reading. Both the blood sugar monitor and lancing device feature a slight touch ejection for easy disposal of used strips and lancets.

Our glucometer meets the new ISO-15197:2013 requirements for accuracy and precision. Additionally, our glucose test strips are rigorously tested against the YSI Auto Analyzer in three separate labs, ensuring reliable results every time.

Trust Control D for convenient, accurate, and reliable blood glucose monitoring that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


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