Dr Trust Smart Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor BP Machine 101


The Dr Trust BP Smart, in sleek black, is a reliable BP monitor designed for convenience. Whether powered by batteries or corded electric, it ensures accurate readings for arm use with its digital display. The included cuff, coupled with its compact size, makes it easy to use and carry.


Dr Trust BP Smart is the easiest BP monitor to use, featuring fully automatic operation and dual talking guidance in Hindi & English, along with mute modes for convenience. With USB port connectivity and support for multiple peripheral USB devices, it’s versatile and mobile-friendly, running on 4AA batteries for added convenience. Ensuring medical-level accuracy, it efficiently measures systolic and diastolic BP, pulse irregularities, and heart rate with zero worries and delivers quick results. The advanced fuzzy algorithm and new pumping technology make measurements comfortable and prevent over-pumping. Its stylish extra-wide cuff (22-42 cm) fits arms of all sizes, storing up to 120 measurements for 2 users, easily recallable when needed.


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