RCSP blood pressure machine manual aneroid sphygmomanometer


Introducing the RCSP Analog Blood Pressure Monitor, designed to offer reliable readings with ease. The package includes a cuff and bulb, providing all you need for accurate monitoring. Powered by hand, it’s suitable for use on the arm, offering convenience and portability. With its analog display, tracking your blood pressure is straightforward and hassle-free. Trust RCSP for accurate readings and convenient blood pressure monitoring.


Introducing our Made in India Blood Pressure Monitor, designed for ease and accuracy in monitoring your health. Simply wrap the cuff around your upper arm, ensuring it sits one inch above the antecubital fossa. Clinically validated and trusted by health professionals, it guarantees quick, accurate readings every time. Our monitor features an ultra-soft, washable cotton cover for your comfort and safety. With a cuff size of 24 inches, it’s easy to use and suitable for all.


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