10 inspirational senior citizens of India

With the energy of a young kid, these senior citizens inspire the world. Most of them have a bigger purpose in life, much beyond themselves, that keeps them going. All About Senior team presents senior citizens who are extremely active and doing fabulous! Here are a few people from all walks of life who are ready to teach us.# Let’s grow

1)Mr. Narendra Singh Modi-

 A Gujarati boy, born on 17 September 1950  whose social service from making tea to his eloquence in his speech made him famous all over the world. Not only his political technique, but his amiable character with kids grabs attention. This 71-year-old icon,  famously known as “from chai wala to a PM never leaves anyone except his opposition unsatisfied. What is also most inspiring is his mother. 100 year young, Smt Heeraben Modi. The Prime minister makes a point to spend time with his mom whenever it matters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his mother at the latter’s house in Gandhinagar on Saturday. (Picture Source : Gujarat government)

Man of his words whose life is all inspiration. Words will fall short while describing an extraordinary man with an ordinary lifestyle. His leadership role is popular due to the ambiance he creates.

2) Alok Sagar

Photo : theological Indian

Popularly known for teaching the former RBI Governor, Raghuram  Rajan, Alok Sagar is a former IITian, Doctorate from Houston, and Post Doctorate from Texas.

But that’s not what impresses the most.

Mr. Alok Sagar, presently a 75-year-old Delhi man has turned his path more towards social reforms and helping the unprivileged tribals. He currently lives in Madhya Pradesh for almost 33 years.

With such education and exposure, he not only earned accolades for his work but had access to the most luxurious life one can imagine. Still, he chose the road less traveled. Alok Sagar is believed to have only 3 kurtas and one bicycle and has been living amongst the tribals to do some real groundwork.

He has planted more than 50 thousand trees till now and engages most of his day in teaching tribal children. He is not married and has given all his life to social service.

The officials of Madhya Pradesh were surprised when this old man came to submit his forms for an election voting ! No wonder, anyone would.

3) Mukesh Ambani

Picture Source: forbes

Born on 19 April 1957 was an Indian businessman who earned fame globally. He is Asia’s richest personality. Though a Gujrati by roots, 65-year-old Ambani was born in Yemen and his major life has been spent in Mumbai. Ambani has 3 siblings, Anil, Nina, and Deepti.

This Billionaire got married to Nita in1985, who is a philanthropist. He has 3 kids; daughter Isha and sons Akash and Anant.

He is the largest stakeholder of reliance, owner of Jio, and has his own Indian Premier League team, Mumbai Indians. 

What are his beliefs, is there any life mantra that he follows, and what keeps him so passionate! He believes that to grow with the world and youth, patience, leadership, and perseverance are needed.

He is an inspiration to various entrepreneurs and businessmen. He preaches to believe in growth and the idea of technology building the world.

4 )Ratan Tata

A magnificent personality who is the scion in the Tata generation was born on 25 December 1937. Whose life story is read by all with joyful interest. Winner of Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan, Mr. Ratan Tata has worked for human service, be it salt, car, a commerce website, or being a major help in Covid-19. 

84-year-old Ratan Tata has supported India’s education, medicine, and rural sector and had an outstanding impact on the economy of the country with his teamwork. Tata has never left its customers unsatisfied. This icon will be known for time immemorial for the changes he brought to the world. 

This gentleman was in love in Los Angeles while working there, due to poor circumstances he had to go back to India, and the girl’s parents themselves never allowed her to come to India. He stood committed and never married. A person full of humility, kindness,  leadership instinct, and with a positive attitude toward taking risks, motivates everyone to be a change.

Picture Source : Hindustantimes

Check this inspirational Video on Ratan Tata written by a senior citizen.

5) Niramala Sitharaman

A true Inspiration , born in the Tamil Brahmin family on 18 august, 1959. Mrs Niramala Sitharaman is countries second woman defense and finance minister after Indira Gandhi.

Picture Source : livemint

Mrs. Niramala Sitharaman is named in the list of most powerful women in the world by popular Forbes and Fortune magazine itself.  Through her determination and perseverance she has taken care of the country like a woman does to her home. India reached the mark of a $3.3 trillion  economy during her leadership.

Inducted in BJP in the year 2014 as junior minister, she has helped the country through her decision in difficult times like covid times and Balakot air strike leadership. This bold women married to his colleague Prakal Prabhakar in1986.

 Sitharaman has a daughter named Vangamayi who is working as a senior reporter for a national newspaper.

Preaches us to be simple but  bold,and to be a server to the country.

6) Kiran Bedi

First lady IPS officer came to the limelight in the era of Indira Gandhi. Born on 9th June 1949 she had the bold attitude, courage, and valor of an officer. She has done multiple civil works and worked for the country’s peace. Her first placement in the country was in the state of Delhi and she is still known for her work and determination .

 “I had a clear vision: if I take up an assignment, I’ll do full justice to it; otherwise I’ll walk away.”


A 72 year old woman who is a politician, tennis player, and civil servant spended half of her life doing social work for the unprivileged and  common public. A woman who is a great example for women empowerment. She has a daughter Saina Bedi

7)Anna Hazare

Picture Source India TV

Initially an Indian army driver to a social reformer, 84-year-old Anna Hazare worked for bringing transparency in the government system, and removing corruption. Awarded with Padma Shri(1990) and Padma bhushan(1992) , he is known amongst people for his leadership quality. His hunger strike for bringing Lokpal bill to raise awareness made him more popular than ever. Voice against Liquor and steps towards education always holded the activist in the heart of his followers. Born on 15 June,1957 also worked for his village Ralegan Siddhi .There he removed the dogmatic thought of untouchability from its roots.

He is an icon who still has the spirit to work for people’s good and society’s health and wealth. Born in Mumbai he loves doing Yoga and reading. He is severely criticized by people and politicians but his hope and courage is the fuel to his journey.

 “Those who live for themselves die, those who die for the society live.”  is his  inspiring quote to move more closer towards a social life.

8) Omkar Nath Sharma

Fondly called as Medicine Baba, this social servant is a 82-year-old man who delivers the medicines by collecting it from people and places if found unused. Later he hands it to the needy one. He earns nothing from this job of providing people medicines but has received 2016 Delhi Gaurav Award and 2017, Shoorveer award . Omkar keeps the information of medicines in his accounts to keep a check on everything. Information related to expiry and when and where it was taken from and then handed to all are noted

Picture Source : Peppy Chunk

He is a retired blood bank technician from Kailash Hospital in UP. He got the inspiration to work for people after a metro collapse in east delhi . There two workers were injured , and there was need of medicines then and there.


Picture Source : Scoopwhoop

9)Palam Kalyanasundaram 

Born on August ,1940, 81-year-old Palam is the noblest man you will ever know. An attentive librarian who gave all his income in donations and also spend his required pension to needy orphans. Never married, he is the adopted father of Rajnikanth and a social worker.

His selflessness and humility speak through his service. A man who worked as a waiter for having 2 meals of the day was honored as  Man of Millennium by an American association.

He received a gold medal in Library science from the government. of India’s best librarian award. Being selfless and kind is what we can take from him as an inspiration.

Picture Source : Scoopwhoop

10 ) Sudha Murthy:

An author, educator, businesswoman and supportive wife to Narayana Murthy who is the co-founder of Infosys foundation. She is herself the founder of Infosys and has a daughter named Akshata and a son Rohan. Born in a Kannada Brahmin family, Sudha Murthy continues to impress the world with her intelligence and simplicity.

She received Padma Shri for her social work in 2006 and Daana Chintamani Attimabbe Award,  which is the Karnataka award for women authors. A voracious reader won’t exist this Indian author’s book in the middle until completing it because of magical curiosity.

Picture Source: Jagran Josh

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