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How to hire an attendant for the elderly?

A lot of elderly people need assistance and support. Sometimes it gets challenging for the family members to be a full-time caregiver, especially if the elderly patient is critically ill or has had a severe injury. In such a case, it is recommended that you hire a professional attendant. They have past experience and are … Read more

Savdhan Seniors – Make Facebook A Safebook

Social Media has taken over everything you could possibly imagine in the 21st century. Getting hundreds of likes, comments, and views on your posts is the latest trend these days. Being on social media for seniors can be a little unsafe if not followed by some very important steps.  We have jotted down all the … Read more

Savdhan Seniors – Paytm Karo!

With the onset of the 21st century, the way people used to perform their day-to-day routine has drastically changed, for the good of course. The advancements in technology have brought to us all sorts of comforts we could have ever imagined. Remember the times you used to stand in queues all day long just to … Read more

Savdhan Seniors – Living Smart In Smart Homes

Have you ever been into a situation where you were at the airport and suddenly realize that you haven’t turned off the lights , or your AC,  or you don’t remember whether your doors are locked or not? I know you have been there. You try to call your neighbours or your relative to go … Read more

Savdhan Seniors – Medical Alert System

In today’s busy world with competition increasing every minute, adults are constantly worried about health and safety of their parents. Everyone is searching for some gadget or technology to help them monitor their parents’ health. Here enters the superhero of medical technology for seniors – Medical Alert System.  Your safety is in your hands, read … Read more

Savdhan Seniors – An Introduction To Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is protecting data, computers, programs, and networks from illegal access into your accounts aimed for exploitation. It protects information from unauthorized sources to prevent identity theft and breach of privacy. There have been growing instances of cybercrimes in recent years, hence it becomes very important to put in a little extra effort to prevent … Read more

Home Automation – Making way into smart and safe homes

The dream of making  homes smart and safe for seniors is now a reality. To care for those who once care for us is one of the highest honours. Most people these days  are worried about the safety of their parents and are in constant search for safety products for their parents and kids. Technology … Read more

Savdhan Seniors – Prioritising Safety

Home security is important for everyone, and especially for seniors. It doesn’t only mean relying on expensive technological  products to keep ourselves secure and safe. The most important way of handling emergencies is presence of mind. Let’s take a look at some very basic yet  useful and powerful safety tips for seniors to be kept … Read more