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Embarking on a spiritual journey with Yoga

“We are disconnected from ourselves in today’s times. Therefore, yoga helps us in reconnecting with ourselves.” – Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi   The popular parable of the “Shallow Well” brings out the spiritual beauty of yoga. In this parable, a man desires to dig a well.  His initial enthusiasm would phase out after digging for … Read more

Diet Charts for Elderlies/Diet Charts for Aging Adults

Physical and physiological changes in the body are a normal part of aging. These physical changes can affect almost all of the body’s organs, impairing the health and lifestyle of aging adults. As people age, their bones, joints, and muscles get weaker. The bone loses density and shrinks in size, making it more fracture-prone. Insufficient flexibility … Read more


There are various schemes and options in the market to perk up your golden years. Ranging from routine bill payments to dining out, an array of benefits are available for our spirited seniors. Let’s look at some of the benefits seniors can enjoy: 1. Helpage India’s Advantage Card: This card offers the holder discounts  at … Read more

You are special!!

The senior years are the ideal time for recreational activities. This feature shares with you the offers and concessions you can avail at PVR Cinemas and DDA Clubs. Also, get to know how you can earn higher interest rates with the Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit! 1. PVR schemes for movies: Seniors can leisurely watch movies … Read more