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Chair yoga – Sedentary lifestyle yoga

Many of our loved elderly are unable to practice yoga because of weak health. But no worries. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Chair Yoga! Yes Chair yoga can be a great companion for easy yoga practices and gaining flexibility and strength. People with flexibility and physical issues can try this mindful yoga … Read more

11 must buy product for Janmashtami

Janmashtami – an auspicious day for the Krishna lover is around the corner. The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated worldwide with great enjoyment, happiness, love, and care. His devotees take fast, decorate the temples, cook their favorite dishes, dance, and celebrate the divine day. Celebrate Janmashtmi with 11 must-have Janmashtami decoration products listed by … Read more

Essential bathroom aids for seniors

Let’s grow our knowledge about a few products that are available for making Bathrooms more comfortable for our elderlies. Elders, like most, find it embarrassing to ask for help in the bathroom. Thus, to avoid the discomfort their age may bring, we can update our bathrooms with these simple and useful products. bathroom. We at … Read more

An Actress from the 80’s who teaches life.

“Zindagi jiyo, zinda dili se” addresses Mrs.Moushumi Chatterjee with vigour when asked to sum up her learning in quote. The popular Bollywood actress of 80’s, Mrs Moushumi Chatterjee, paints her life tales and truths with colors of love and happiness in the telephonic interview with editor, All About seniors , Mrs. Mansi Sehdev. A pious woman, with … Read more

YOGA MUDRAS ; solution in our tips

5 basic elements constitute our body and complete our planet. Interestingly unnoticed, our fingers are five and they do have control over our five elements, namely; Water, fire, air, earth, and sky. The thumb denotes fire, Index finger -air, Middle finger- sky, Ring finger – earth, Little finger- water. Disturbance in any of the five … Read more

How to hire an attendant for the elderly?

A lot of elderly people need assistance and support. Sometimes it gets challenging for the family members to be a full-time caregiver, especially if the elderly patient is critically ill or has had a severe injury. In such a case, it is recommended that you hire a professional attendant. They have past experience and are … Read more

Can you take the Booster Dose in India. If yes, then how ?

The Ministry  of Health & Family welfare announced that  from January 10, 2022,  one crore health workers, three crore frontline workers and 2.75 crore pre-ill senior citizens of 60 years of age and above will start getting the precautionary dose or third dose of corona vaccine. Precautionary dose or the third dose are the same … Read more