Chair yoga – Sedentary lifestyle yoga

Many of our loved elderly are unable to practice yoga because of weak health. But no worries. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Chair Yoga! Yes Chair yoga can be a great companion for easy yoga practices and gaining flexibility and strength.

People with flexibility and physical issues can try this mindful yoga for a big change through small effort.

We are All about seniors want to create awareness of the available options of chair yoga especially if you are bedridden. We hope you will find it useful.

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What is chair Yoga?

Various accessories like cushions, mat, yoga socks are used to make the process of yoga simple, smoother, and effective. One of them includes Chair. Using chairs for our flexibility and breathing exercises is a part of yoga.

Chair Yoga just requires one to be diligent and calm while performing it. All a person needs is a belief that this can and will make changes to my life though I am using a chair instead of a mat.

People who find longing stretches and balancing asanas a difficult task due to some physical body restraints can find this style of yoga helpful and another ray of hope.

Who discovered Chair Yoga?

It’s a therapy that was originally created by Lakshmi Voelker in 1982. It’s a type of modern yoga where you either sit , stand or stretch using the chair.

Lakshmi Voelker originally developed yoga after gauging that her arthritis is becoming a major pebble in the journey of her physical life. Arthritis strained her from performing simple yoga so she went in for a chair that would help her hold the poses.

Benefits of chair Yoga 

  •  A great recharger
  • Helps in calming and cooling the nervous system.
  • a  heart circulation exercise.
  • Less effort and more performance.
  • There is no bondage of age group, from a kid to a pregnant woman everyone can do it freely.

 Precautions to take.

  • Do not go fast.
  • Give importance to alignment instead of longing stretches.
  • Maintain dignity of your spine and posture.

Easy Desk Yoga

  Cat,Cow stretch

Side angle

Seated twist

Cow face arms

Chair pigeon pose

Seated crescent moon pose

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