Mr. Mohan Gupta: Making the world medicine free with Naturopathy

With a house full of Asthma medicines and detailed knowledge on allopathy, Mr. Mohan Gupta, 72, encountered his life’s mission-Naturopathy, when he first heard his Gurudev – Acharya Sheshadri Swaminathan. It was then he realized that his chronic Asthma which seemed impossible to cure can be treated with naturopathic practices.

“I was able to quit taking my Asthma medicines within three months of following Naturopathy.”

In 2006, Mr. Mohan Gupta established the Natural Life Style School of Naturopathy to give shape to his mentor’s desire. Natural LifeStyle is a non- profit venture which teaches people the art of being fit by eating right and adopting natural practices. Mr. Gupta is also a member of Delhi State Govt. Advisory Board of Naturopathy & Yoga (AYUSH) and Advisory Board of International Naturopathy Organization (INO)

Working tirelessly:

Umar ka badhna toh dastoor-e-jahan hai. Agar na socho toh budhapa kahan hai

Mr. Gupta knows no respite! After the age of 45, Mr. Gupta did a diploma and a master’s in Naturopathy. Presently he is doing a Ph.D. in Naturopathy. He has authored two books and is also the chief editor of his monthly magazine “Natural Life Style”.  

Every Sunday, the Natural LifeStyle team organizes a free session to educate people about Naturopathy. Along with regular consultation sessions on relationship and health, Mr. Gupta with his dedicated team conducts a 4 days camp monthly.

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 A day of Mr. Gupta’s life:

An early riser, Mr. Gupta starts his day at 7 am and works for his passion, Natural Life Style till 4 pm. For the past 17 years, he has based his lifestyle on naturopathic principles. Daily Yoga and consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables gives him the vitality for all of his daily activities.

He is not just an educator but also a businessman. In the remaining part of the day, he carries out his business. The money earned from his business is used in the propagation of Natural Life Style.

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The contributive spirit:

“What we are returning is very less considering what we have received.”  About 20,000 people have experienced the benefits of naturopathy practices taught by Natural Life Style. People have been able to cure critical diseases like Asthma, Kidney Stones, Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, Arthritis, Gall bladder stones, Nephritic syndrome, and many more diseases.

“If we view our life as an inescapable work, then we will not be lead a joyful, stress-free life. If it is viewed as a game, then we can manage everything effortlessly.”

Mr. Mohan Gupta in the 2nd innings of his life is working with all his might to make the world a healthy and medicine-free place. With his free of cost consultation and regular camps, he desires to take the naturopathic philosophy to every household. 

Just like late Mrs. Sheila Dikshit stood strong amid the challenges of life.

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