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The game has just begun: 2nd Innings with Colonel A Sridharan

All About Seniors is proud to present to you the story of a real-life hero who denied to accept aging as a weakness and proved that age is in fact just a number. “My motivation is to leave behind a legacy; so that someday people can say, that a Colonel from Coimbatore thought of this … Read more

Mr. Mohan Gupta: Making the world medicine free with Naturopathy

With a house full of Asthma medicines and detailed knowledge on allopathy, Mr. Mohan Gupta, 72, encountered his life’s mission-Naturopathy, when he first heard his Gurudev – Acharya Sheshadri Swaminathan. It was then he realized that his chronic Asthma which seemed impossible to cure can be treated with naturopathic practices. “I was able to quit … Read more

The warm woman behind the savvy politician – Mrs. Sheila Dikshit

“Every phase, emotion, and experience that you go through makes you a more mature and richer person.” “I have always believed that it takes a woman to make a house a home. This belief became stronger when I visited Mrs. Sheila Dikshit’s home in Delhi. The spotlessly clean house looked comfortable and functional. But what … Read more