Top 6 books by inspirational Sudha Murthy

Who is Sudha Murthy

  • Chairperson of Infosys Foundation.
  • The first woman engineer in India. She got her degree completed in 1950.
  • The first female engineer in TELCO.
  • Recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for writing, the Padma Shri in 2006.
  • Attimabe Award from the Karnataka government for magnificence in Kannada literature in 2011
  • Sudha Murthy is a philanthropist. She has contributed to various rescue programs.
  • She has the vision to have a library in every school in India.
  • She received ‘The best Teacher Award’ from Rotary Club in 1955 at Bengaluru.

Her contribution to literature and the world is immense. This article by All About Seniors brings to you a list of a few books by inspirational senior citizen Sudha Murthy. Simple yes thought-provoking, do read. Her books inspire you to be the change.

You can read short stories by her, nonfictional too. Novels and books for children are also very popular. Travelogues by this inspiration senior citizens are super impressive.

Here is the list of some heartfelt books by Sudha Murthy.

1) How I taught my grandmother to teach

Published in 2004 by Penguins, “How I taught my grandmother to read” is one of the most popular books by Sudha Murthy. It is currently included in the class 9th English communication book. A book where effort by a small girl shines throughout to light up her grandmother’s reading skills. Click here to buy.

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2) Grandma’s bag of stories

    For most of us, stories are only left when the memories of our grandmother ring the bell. This is a delightful book with mysterious characters rolling up in between. The story starts with the kids arriving at their grandparent’s house where the grandma opens her bag of stories. Later it is all interesting stories to explore and have fun with. Check it out by clicking here.

3)The magic of the lost temple

If you are a curious head and love exploring deep and unknown facts, so this is the book you must read.

Discover the magic of the lost temple with the protagonist and join this adventurous journey.

4) Three thousand stitches: ordinary people, extraordinary life

Sudha Murthy knows exactly how to touch the hearts of her readers. She travels with the reader to her Infosys journey, her family, friends, life, and travel. She shares about the meaningful impact of her work. Click here to easily order the book from Amazon.

5) Mother I never knew

The book is about feelings, characters, and bleak situations in life. The book is from the treasure of Sudha Murthy. A sorrowful tale of two men who with time get to know about their mothers they never knew. 

The core of the book has a bright message of destiny to readers. Destiny with life circumstances plays a great role in tumbling our lives. Click here to grab your copy.

 6)Dollar Bahu

 Isn’t the name interesting! The story is about money, which always cannot bring actual peace and happiness. A tale where a mother-in-law finds her true self through analysis of her two daughters-in-law living in different countries and under different conditions. Click here to have your copy.

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