YOGA MUDRAS ; solution in our tips

5 basic elements constitute our body and complete our planet. Interestingly unnoticed, our fingers are five and they do have control over our five elements, namely; Water, fire, air, earth, and sky.

The thumb denotes fire,

Index finger -air,

Middle finger- sky,

Ring finger – earth,

Little finger- water.

Disturbance in any of the five elements causes natural disasters or calamities through which the whole world suffers, the same goes with our body too. Any turbulence in our element results in our sulking or embarrassing behavior.

Our daily life brings different setbacks and anxiety. Half of our lives we spend fixing our mind, our tempers, and our unstable state. Fixing each of them through mudras is an easy option. Easy solution with the instant cure is the only expectation we have from our life problems. Ancient mudras are here to save us now in this modern time. 

We all love traveling. Long-hour flight can add a lot of boredom to our life. Practicing easy and efficient hand mudras can save a lot. Are you ready to add a new buddy to your life. 

We at  All About Seniors want to take you on the adventurous ride of 6 easy yoga mudras. Effective and low reason not to give it a try. Here is the list.  # Let’s Grow

1 . Dhyan mudra ….

  • Join your thumb and index fingertips.
  • Index finger denotes fire. Fire in us needs balance 
  • Easy hack for Problems like Hypertension, and depression.
  • This is the solution to almost every brain problem.
  • It makes our memory sharp.
  • Stressful life solution.

2. Vaayu mudra …

  • Join your Thumb and folded index finger.
  • Our Middle finger controls our sky element.
  •  Body pain, joint pain solution.
  • Cervical is a big troubling problem. Vaayu mudra is the simplest solution.
  • It is the cure for hearing issues or ears problem. 

3.  Prithvi Mudra …

  • Join your ring finger and thumb.
  • Our ring finger controls our Earth element.
  • For increasing your lifespan, this mudra is effective.
  • Make yourself look young through this.

4.  Jal mudra …

  •  We use our little fingers and thumb for this.
  • Our little finger has our water element intact.
  • A solution to Urinary issues.
  • Helps with Kidney problem cure also

5.  Shakti mudra …

  • Use your Thumb, ring, and little finger.
  • If you suffer from weak body issues.
  • if you get fatigued easily, this mudra can help.
  • It provides energy and power.

6.  Apaan mudra …

  • Join your middle and ring finger with your thumb.
  • Effective if harmful oxidants increase in the body.
  • If you consider your body basking in toxicity.
  • try it in your meditation practice.

So here is a simple list of mudras that can contribute to living a balanced life.

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