Essential bathroom aids for seniors

Let’s grow our knowledge about a few products that are available for making Bathrooms more comfortable for our elderlies.

Elders, like most, find it embarrassing to ask for help in the bathroom. Thus, to avoid the discomfort their age may bring, we can update our bathrooms with these simple and useful products. bathroom.

We at All About Seniors have 5 essential products to make the bathroom a safe place for our seniors. Let’s try the best way to make the world a better place for them. # Let’s grow with technology..why should seniors stay behind !


A reliable grab bar provides a safe and steady handhold on the toilet or in the bathroom. A must-have product who have grip issues Our elderlies often find it difficult to sit on the toilet seat, these bars can assist them in a secure way.

These secure bars should be essential in your elderly bathroom.

Non-skid mat

 Fall is a big problem that comes with aging. Having a Non-skid mat in the bathroom is the most reassuring thing for seniors as fear of slipping haunts them. There is a wide range of nonskid mats available in the market. You can easily find this. We have picked one for you from Amazon. This product is made of natural rubber and its texture helps in holding a person to the ground.

Bathroom handle

           While bathing a grip holder is required. Bathroom handles may require some help with installation but this doesn’t. No drilling and no fixing is required with this and it can be used near the stairs or beside a chair. 

A portable and convenient grip holder is one of the most essential bathroom aids. Senior citizens with grip issues and joint problems can also find it very thoughtful and useful.


 Soap dispensers are essential to have. Especially now in the times of coronavirus. A non-contact, easy to use, soap dispenser will prove to be a useful product that enhances living in a very simple manner.

Towel holder

Let’s make it an easy task for our elders to keep their towels safely without stretching or bending and protect them from slipping, bending, or falling. Check these towel holders which instantly hold the towel after one puts the towel inside.

Apart from choosing must-have essential bathroom aids for senior citizens, you may also need some stress-relieving products for your loved elderly. Click here to check those out.

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