Savdhan Seniors – Prioritising Safety

Home security is important for everyone, and especially for seniors. It doesn’t only mean relying on expensive technological  products to keep ourselves secure and safe. The most important way of handling emergencies is presence of mind. Let’s take a look at some very basic yet  useful and powerful safety tips for seniors to be kept in mind when in a situation of an emergency – 

Lock all doors and windows. –

Whether you’re at home or not, keep all your doors and windows closed all the time. It gives you the total control of who you allow in your house. 

Never enter your home if a door or window is breached

When you come back home from outside and if you find the doors and windows of your house open, don’t go inside. Inform the police first and wait for help to arrive. Its very easy for thieves to break into locked houses.

Keep a phone nearby– 

A senior’s phone should always be easily accessible in case of emergency. Keep the numbers of your neighbours, relatives or nearest police station on speed dial. 

Install a solid wood or metal door– 

If the doors of the house are made up of strong wood or iron, it will automatically become very hard for anyone to enter your house without your permission.

Install a peephole – 

If you live in flats then do install a peephole on your doors. Always check your peephole before letting anyone in  to make sure you know the person on the other side.

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Bring your phone with you to the door – 

Whenever you go to check your doors or see who has arrived at your place, always carry your phone with you. Any situation might turn into an emergency and you should be prepared for it.

Ask for ID – 

Whenever any unknown person is at your door and he/she asks to come inside, always ask for an ID card. Whether they be an electrician, delivery person or anyone, never allow any unknown person in your house without checking their ID.

Don’t leave a spare key accessible – 

Burglars can quickly find spare key hiding spaces, make sure you keep them in a very safe place or hand them over to a trustworthy person.

Know your neighbours – 

Make friends with your neighbours so they’ll have an extra set of eyes watching out for you. Also they can always help look out at your house when you are not at home.

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Keep valuables in a safe – 

 Small family heirlooms, jewellery you’re not wearing, important papers, and other valuables should be stored in a safe. Keep the combination or keys secure, only sharing them with those you trust.

Safety is an affordable and effective insurance policy. When maintained properly it can save lives, but a single act of irresponsibility can cost you a lot. Even the smallest of safety methods when used at right place and right time can help a great deal in handling any situation.

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