“A man who penned his journey through his own brand”

Late Mr. D.K Jain , founder of Luxor group might not be present in this world, but his pens still write the best stories and highlighters still do their best job wherever they are. Luxor, known for its best quality of stationery to all the students, stands strong because of a headstrong and magnificent personality behind it.

He will always stay alive not only in the soul of his pens but also due to his hard working attitude. His determination brought his company from initial Rs. 5000 investment in 1962 to current Rs. 500 crore revenue . He gave a positive outlook to the Indian economy.

History of a Legend 

Are you wondering what history has Jain made to have an effect on the life of any individual. 

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 He was born on 19th Feb , 1943 in the holy city of Punjab.  After completing his graduation he moved to Delhi for business.He struggled with his dad on the roads of the country during partition. Fascinated by the idea of bringing India its own pen company, his dedication and belief paid off and he became the founder of Luxor group.

 We lost the legend in March,2014 , where he succumbed to death due to cardiac arrest at the age of 71 in his own residence.

His Inspiration . 

  He might have had some inspiration  from something that  now Luxor seems incomplete without him.

 Being  President of the University of Delhi and popular in newspapers with  his photographs all over, his father expected him to do his best in his career by building his own roadmap and handed him Rs.5000 with all hope and trust. Today Luxor stands as a strong pillar to indian economy itself by having a crore of revenues every year.

 Still more to come

Two years ago the company produced Luxor Nano clean-  a surface cleaner and protector. It was one of his dreams . His daughter Pooja Jain is currently managing the whole business with mother Usha, as the chairperson of the Luxor group.

His remarkable achievements- inspire even in his absence

A brand which is asked by the kids whenever they look for  buying  a pen . If it’s the exam or any of their important meetings, people trust it for its flow and variety. 

  • Luxor has been established as a renowned ‘ National brand for writing instruments’.
  • Jain had a position in various social and religious organizations. 
  • He visited several countries in connection with the business.
  • Held  the responsible posts in the trade. He brought the Parker legacy to India. Later commercialized Pilot and waterman pens in India.
  • He is the second name to inspiration as he empowered many underprivileged kids through his stationary products and gifted scholarship and vocational training to the needy youth.
  • Luxor became the first indian company to have its trade with US, UK, europe, russia, Middle East countries.
  • He created history himself by bringing the first fibre pen in the year 1966.

His inspirational words and ideas

 We want to know if he still left something  for people other than his famous brand. Are there any of his unforgettable lines ?

  • Sharing his interview with ndtv , he shared the fact that he pays great respect to morning exercise and they are a must.
  • He inspired the kids to become what they aspire and believe in fact that they can also become as rich and famous they want.
  • He believes in youth and their ideas to bring a great change to the world to make it a better place.

The company is still doing a lasting performance with the trust of his daughter and faith of her mother. Luxor has recently transgressed the idea of just having excellent performance not only in stationary but also home cleaner and car stuff. 

Picture: man of his own pen brand, Luxor

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