An Actress from the 80’s who teaches life.

“Zindagi jiyo, zinda dili se” addresses Mrs.Moushumi Chatterjee with vigour when asked to sum up her learning in quote.

The popular Bollywood actress of 80’s, Mrs Moushumi Chatterjee, paints her life tales and truths with colors of love and happiness in the telephonic interview with editor, All About seniors , Mrs. Mansi Sehdev.

A pious woman, with belief in karma. 74 year young actress is full of life and energy. A wonderful woman, Mrs. Moushumi Chatterjee captivated us with her sweet voice and strong thoughts in the first meeting itself. She might entangle your stressful thoughts in a few seconds once you read her headstrong ideas about life.

A woman who has experienced every wave of life. Be it stardom at a young age of 16 or the sorrow of loosing her young daughter at an early age of 45, Moushami Chatterjee has enacted toughest of roles boldly both in real and reel life.

We all can learn a lot from her and her teachings.

Few facts about her : 

  • Mrs Moushumi Chatterjee, made her debut in the film industry in 1967 and became one of the highly paid actresses of the 1970s. 
  •  In one of her interviews, she confirmed that she never used glycerine in any crying scenes. Instead she made herself believe that she is living her reality there and that’s what brought her tears.
  • Her hits in bollywood shine through her movies -Manzil, Roti Kapda Makan, Ghar ek Mandir.
  • She bought her own car with her own money . A great achievement for an indian bollywood actress of the 1980s.
  • Recently seen in the film Piku,she never experimented with her natural face to add any beauty.

She with her bucket of blossoming thoughts and beliefs

An enthusiastic personality, who will take you and your thoughts in her valley of life to wander and enjoy everything she has . She can hold you by her advice, and has the guts to share the truth in the perfect way.

  • Mesmerizing presence of this actress in the interview revealed the truth that it’s the child in us who  keeps us alive and not the thought of being old.
  •  Born in Calcutta, her acting skills speak for themselves through the nomination she got as the best supporting actress. She embraces the idea of being young even when age calls you not to. Her humility shines every time she shares her views about life, karma, her priorities and what not.
  • At an age where people can’t withstand the truth of life, her golden thoughts of embraces us every moment . Counting our blessings should be our habit is one of her golden thought.
  • She hates the idea of grouping people as children, young and old age . Instead believes in understanding and finding the fact that a child resides in every heart. 
  • She believes in Karma and being spiritual. “I was always spiritual” , she says when asked about spirituality adding her advice that believe in almighty.

Daily routine is what builds the person

  • Her daily routine of morning walk and  being spiritual is a fresh start towards a day.  JUST DO IT!  with no compromise is her phrase of life and to survive.
  • She has the key idea of living a long beautiful life by doing the most simple things . Moushumi revitalizes the idea to “ Love yourself very much” .
  • She also gives stress on physical and mental health care.

Old is gold: Advice is needed

  • She advises people to diligently learn  everything ,and sing whenever they can.
  • She believes in the idea of nourishing ourselves and nurturing our souls. Self -love gets reflected when she talks. She preaches the idea of being present and being aware about ourselves .
  • She lost her daughter, Payal due to diabetes ,and holds sorrow while she feels her presence. Upholds herself by joining the self- care path to live life more peacefully is the lesson we learn.

Tips to glow: yes we all need

When asked to share some of her recipes ,or remedies for having such beautiful skin.  She  denies the idea of applying anything and  instead believes  in the process of inner beauty which comes through happiness, self-love and doing your everyday work. At the age of 74 she advises people to do natural daily work and simple acts of kindness.

Her inspirational phrase of  ”ZINDA DILI” is all what she wants to crisp her inspiring words into. It means to do everything you want happily.


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