10 ways to rekindle love in a relationships

Love is a word that awakens the latent theorist in everyone. The dictionary may have its own definitions for emotions associated with love. However, love is best defined through actions.

The life after retirement, your senior years, are certainly the golden years especially when you and your partner make them more special for each other. It is the time when you can do the things you always wanted to do but couldn’t. In the hustle bustle of life, we often forget to fuel the engine of our souls with love. The post retirement years are the ideal time for you to rejuvenate your love life and express your heart out to your loved one.

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Don’t worry! You don’t have to take up poetry or “shayari” now, all you need to do is to express the love through actions, some of which may seem mundane but work well!! 

Ten ways to express your love:

  • Bond over household chores: The daily chores are an unavoidable part of one’s schedule. You and your partner can together, cook or  do grocery shopping.
  • Get grooving with Karaoke: Karaoke is  a popular trend today and songs of various languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi and  Bengali are available. You can either purchase a Karaoke set or download apps on your phone. You and your partner can sing along with your favourite melodies. Karaoke options: www.karaoke hub.com, purchase set at ebay.com, Gaona Karaoke application.
  • Get old school sometimes : Pamper your partner with the things they appreciate. It could be flowers, a love letter, chocolates, a small gift or a long drive with their favourite songs.
  • Travel together: Travelling will let you explore the world and your relationship. The entire process from dreaming to planning to exploring  your dream destination is fun and goes a long way in pepping up your relationship.

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  • Communicate: The best way to foster any relationship is by communicating your heart out. With plenty of time in hand, taking out time for communication should not be difficult any more!
  • Learn a hobby together: Now is the right time to pursue an activity, which you both always wanted to do but couldn’t.

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  • Listen: While sharing minute details of life could strengthen a relationship,  listening patiently can form the deepest bonds. 
  • Make your celebrations grand: Let your age not affect your celebrations. Celebrate the small joys or moments you two shared together. It could be the first time you both met or the first date. There need not be an old memory to celebrate, you can make a memory by celebrating today.
  • Reminiscence memories: You can make a small movie of pictures and videos of your journey. A customised calendar with all the special dates marked with an old but special photograph can serve dual purpose. It’ll make your partner feel special and, in lighter vein, will also keep potential fights at bay arising over  forgetting dates. One day in a month you can keep a movie marathon of your favourite movies.
  • Spread love: Love grows when one spreads it to people around. Visit your children, grandchildren and extended family and spend some quality time with them. You can also work together for a cause.

William Shakespeare said, ” Then let thy love be younger than thyself, or thy affection can’t hold the bent”. Let’s make our love shine like gold in the golden years of your life!

Mrs. Anupama Sethi and Mr. Sanjeev Sethi will not let anything come in between their precious half an hour of tea time in the morning. It is the time when they both listen to their favourite songs and speak their hearts  out while having tea. What makes it all the more special, is that Mr.Sanjeev makes tea every morning! They keep surprising each other with random gifts every now and then. It’s been 34 years to their marriage, but the thing that hasn’t changed is their absolute respect for each other and the desire to support each other in all highs and lows of life.

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