Choosing the right BP Monitors:

A blood pressure monitor can help you keep a record of blood pressure readings at home. In the yester years, most people used the manual monitors in  which the squeeze bulb was used to inflate the cuff. Recently many convenient BP monitor options have entered the Indian market. Some of these monitors are easier to use and give more accurate readings.

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Automatic blood pressure monitors:

Automatic monitors, also called the digital monitors, are battery-operated. They use a microphone to detect blood pulsing in the artery. The cuff is to be wrapped around the upper arm. On pressing the start button, the cuff automatically inflates and deflates. As per the Consumer affairs, India, digital monitors are the simplest variety to use. It is especially easy for those who are not used to testing blood pressure on their own.

These are simply can be purchased online from Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. The price range is Rs. 950 – Rs. 3,000.

Manual blood pressure monitors:

Manual BP monitors are also known as a sphygmomanometer. These BP monitors come with an arm cuff, a squeeze bulb to inflate the cuff, a stethoscope and a gauge to measure the blood pressure.

The cuff is tied on the upper arm and the squeeze bulb is used to expand the cuff. The measurement is taken by temporarily stopping the flow of blood in an artery by enlarging the cuff.  Some people may find this BP monitor slightly difficult to use. Yet it is widely used due to its accuracy. These can be brought from regular medical stores or online.

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Wrist Blood Pressure monitors:

Unlike the digital and manual blood pressure monitors, the wrist monitors ascertain the blood pressure from the wrist. These monitors would work better for the people who have a very large arm or find arm blood pressure measurements painful.

These monitors are not as accurate as the other monitors.  This is because the wrist blood vessels are narrower as those of the upper arm.

To ensure accuracy, these monitors must be used as guided. The arm and wrist must be at the heart level to get an accurate reading ensure.

The silver lining in these monitors is that they are handy, convenient and simple to read.

These monitors too can be purchased online. Their price range is Rs. 1,550- Rs. 1,750.

Consulting a doctor before buying a blood pressure monitor is prescribed. Someone looking for accurate reading can opt for digital monitors whereas those who’d prefer using a handy monitor can purchase the wrist blood pressure monitors.

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