Creative Zone

“Be it oil painting or washing utensils, I believe every activity can be done creatively.”

“ The creativity is within me which is expressed through my art.”

The journey of exploration is not limited by age. Mrs. Sudharshan Wadhwa is an ideal example of that. Her passion to immerse herself in diverse set of activities is the reason that at the young age of 74, she proactively engages herself in hobbies of her interest . Reiki, Yoga, Chromopathy, drawing, classical singing, designing, technology are a few of the activities she started to pursue during her silver years. Mrs. Wadhwa has held five exhibitions showcasing her artwork which have garnered marvellous responses. She also sells her work through IndiaMART.

The soul behind her art:

Mrs. Wadhwa tries to bring to life the serene splendour of nature through her art. Her best works are of fishes, beaches, mountains etc. Recently, she has started to include men and women in her paintings.

Her other creative fortes:

  • She has trained for 6 years in classical singing and devotes an hour daily for the practice. 
  • She has a detailed knowledge of Chromopathy which is a practice of putting to use colors for healing diseases. 

Her belief:

  • Creating anything helps one feel active. The underlying idea behind it is that, the more we use our brain, the more energetic we become.
  • Do the work that gives you happiness. When one gets happiness from their work, they never grow old. 
  • Self-belief and passion are of utmost importance. The passion for creative pursuits has been her motivation. She immerses all her energies into an activity which helps her to master it in no time. 

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