Moulding lives with clay: Mrs. Meena Vohra

“I create ceramic wonders, just for sheer joy—that sublime happiness –infusing soul, and bringing them to life. I believe that pottery is not just an art form; it is a therapy, a meditation indeed.” – Mrs. Meena Vohra

It is indeed a challenging task to bring out the splendour of Mrs. Vohra’s sculptures and put it into words. Her passionate journey into pottery started only at the age of 50! Armed with a deep love for the art and  two months of professional training,   she embarked on her artistic voyage. 

Mrs Vohra imparts training in pottery  for people across all age groups. Her studio in Noida is “heaven” for her. This is where she teaches her wards to connect their soul to pottery. For her, creating clay art is more than  just a hobby. It is like meditation that helps her get closer to the Divine. 

Her classes have a persona of their own. In a serene atmosphere, over tea, the students create sculptures and nurture new bonds. After the class, most of her students feel a sense of serenity and inexplicable bliss. 

For over 17 years, Mrs. Vohra has touched and healed innumerable lives with the magic of clay. She has been moulding lives over the potter’s wheel!

Awards and exhibitions

  • Mrs. Vohra is a two time AIFACS award holder.
  • She has held six solo and a number of group exhibitions.
  • She conducts special classes on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and corporate events.

Bonding over clay
From birthday party celebrations to corporate team building projects, Mrs. Vohra leaves no stone unturned to ensure that her students enjoy joyful quality time. Along with pottery lessons, the lessons of life are also shared. After the class, many of her students could feel that their approach to life and personality had

undergone a transformation. 

Bring home the art
Apart from her heavenly studio and exhibitions, she also sells her creations via her website “ If you are interested in  her pottery classes,  her contact  details are:
Phone: 9899672403 


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