Technology to make your home smart and secure

Living independently can be a challenge considering the hassles associated with it. However there exists no problem that doesn’t have a solution. The phenomenal growth in technology has led to creation of devices and solutions which have made independent living safer and more convenient. 

We feature below some of the latest technology fittings  and devices that help to ensure your safety and security.

1. Panic alarms:

Be prepared for any emergency with the panic alarms. These alarms, when pressed, give out a loud siren like noise to alert the people around you. They come in various forms like wall mounted alarm, key chain alarm or as a wrist watch alarm. They can be purchased online. 

2. Automatic Door Opener:

Automatic door opener is the ideal solution for those who find moving to and fro for opening doors a burden. The door opener  is remote controlled so can be operated from any corner of your home. The range of the door openers starts from Rs 20,000. (prices subject to change)

3. Talking Thermostat:

Regulating temperature and operating a regular thermostat can be a problematic task. Keeping in mind the problems faced by seniors, the Talking Thermostat is designed specifically for them. It enables the user to provide both verbal and manual instructions. Some thermostats come with an LCD display and features like automatic freeze protection, optional auto-changeover option and UV light alert for air purification. The thermostat can be purchased online from international websites like Amazon USA and it can be delivered in India.

4. Motion sensor night light:

These night lights are a boon for those who wake up frequently at night. The lights are easy to use, energy-efficient and can be attached anywhere. They turn on, as soon as they detect any motion in dark. The night lights can be purchased online from Amazon, Snapdeal and IndiaMART.