What went wrong with Cricket Team India? SA Tour Report

By Rohit Gupta

Source of picture: reuters

After India painfully lost 2-1 to South Africa, Team India ponders what went wrong. Truth to be told that not only they lost due to the mental game but also Team India’s batters didn’t perform as expected from them in overseas conditions. Don’t get me wrong, the bowlers did perform according to the expectations however Team India cannot heavily rely on the likes of Jasprit Bhumrah or Mohammed Shami.

Batting Woes:

  • Mayank Agarwal

Excellent player perhaps needed confidence, and didn’t learn from his mistakes in the entire series while playing the bowl very close to the ground [bending towards the ground] on a super bouncy track. He can be a gem in the subcontinent pitches where the pitches are not bouncy. Maybe time for Team India to have a look and groom Prithvi Shaw

  •    Cheteshwar Pujara

It’s time for India to find a replacement for Mr. Pujara [Our beloved Number 3]. He has provided and bailed Team India out on numerous occasions. However, in recent times [last 2 years] his batting average, scoring rates, technique has taken a beating dramatically. Team India cannot afford to provide these chances where young generations are knocking the door of their house loud and clear. Likes of Shubman Gill can be a perfect choice for his replacement.

  • Ajinkya Rahane         

What should I say about Team India’s number 5. Forget about the statistics, his batting dismissal is painful to watch. Batsman who is clearly saying please drop me from the team so that I can go back to domestic cricket to fix my technique. Apart from the backing from the cricket India management, at present nothing is going Rahane’s way. Perhaps he needs a break from International Cricket. Maybe Shreyas Iyer can be a good candidate for the replacement.

Genuine All Rounder:

Perhaps the biggest missing piece in India Cricket for a very long time. Why can’t India produce a quality all rounder? No, I am not talking about Hardik Pandya. We need a genuine all rounder who Team India can rely on and perhaps balance the side in any format. Think about Ben Stokes. Likes of him in the India Team can certainly provide the necessary balance the side would need. Knock Knock selectors & management – please wake up.

Bowling Woes:

  • Umesh Yadav

What will I say about him? I don’t think it’s his personal fault. I think Captain, Management & Selectors are backing him way too much as he will not learn or has refused to learn from his mistakes. Same old theory with his bowling. He gives away way too many runs, doesn’t apply pressure to the opposition on the contrary I am sorry to say he eases the pressure applied by India bowlers. It’s time for Team India to move away from Umesh Yadav.

  •  Ravichandran Ashwin           

Excellent bowler, Torment any batsman he will bowl too. Perhaps can provide some handy runs with the bat as well. Wait, I have transformed myself in Indian pitches. When was the last time you remember Mr. Ashwin has delivered outside India. Why is he getting so many chances? Is he an excellent fielder? No comments on that end. Perhaps Team India needs to find a missing leg spinner who can provide variations in the bowling line up.

There is always a chance of improvement and this goes to our Head Coach – Mr Rahul Dravid, Selectors & Management of Cricket Team India. Let’s really learn from our mistakes, ignore the politics and make sure to bring the Team back on top with little changes. I hope a small step of improvement can make a major difference to our Cricket Nation. 


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