“Which is the relationship that you cherish the most?”

What was your answer?

Chances are, you would have responded parents. Or spouse. Or a friend. The thought of choosing the relationship with yourself may not crossed your mind.  Surprisingly, the relationship that we share with ourselves is the one that is most often  overlooked! 

Giving oneself the much needed attention spiritually, emotionally and physically is the essence of loving oneself. Understanding ourselves better helps to cultivate an inner peace which is instrumental in strengthening other relationships. 

Ten ways in which you can nurture the relationship with  yourself 

The senior years are the ideal time to nurture and deepen this relationship. With years of wisdom and experience, self-introspection and understanding oneself comes naturally. You can deepen the bond with yourself in these ways:

  1. Take responsibility for self care
    At times,  too much dependence on others can create a sense of redundancy.  Taking responsibility for oneself to the extent possible, would give you an empowered feeling. Of course,  this may not be feasible where health is a concern. But if everything is well, go for it, even in little ways.
  2. Listen to yourself
    Listen to your heart.  Take note of your feelings and emotions. Reflecting on what we feel helps us to be at terms with our own self. It also gives us clarity  of what  we want, which in turn strengthens our other relationships.
  3. Get fit
    A healthy body is the greatest treasure in the senior years. Exercising regularly and maintaining a strict diet helps in being fit. It is also important to adhere to the diet restrictions made by your doctor. Nobody knows your body better than you, so listen to it and care for it.
  4. Meditation and spirituality
    Being spiritually inclined often helps people to be at peace with themselves. It also helps in self-reflection and in nurturing a positive attitude towards life. You can feel calmer and lighter with meditation.
  1. Grooming
    Grooming is an overlooked but indispensable aspect in senior-hood. Making small efforts – be it your clothes, your hair, personal hygiene, your posture – everything counts towards an impressive turnout. These little efforts are sure to  make you feel confident and positive. Don’t be surprised if the compliments follow!
  2. Surround yourself with positive people
    The positivity of people with a cheerful and positive attitude to life, gets infused in your environment too. It is good to meet loved ones who make you feel good about yourself. Having youngsters around will keep your mind fresh, thanks to their ideas and fresh perspectives.
  1. Do what you love
    Pursue your passions.  Doing so will keep your mind active, give you  joy and a sense of achievement and fulfilment. Involving yourself in social service, where you will share your skills, lend a helping hand or an attentive ear,  will give you a feel good factor  in your  post-retirement years.
  2. Lifestyle
    Lifestyle changes enable one to take good care of oneself in day-to-day life.  Make sure you are:
    >not compromising on your health
    >getting proper sleep
    >taking care of yourself when you are ill
    >getting regular health check-ups
    >keeping your mind relaxed
  3. Take time off without feeling guilty
    You can go out by yourself and do the things that make you happy. You can also stay indoors and do your favourite activities like watching movies, gardening, cooking or painting. Nothing wrong in wanting to be your own company, sometimes.
  4.  Be positive
    Problems are a part of life and we all have our share. Try to adopt a positive attitude to people and situations. Smile more, be cheerful, enjoy the company of loved ones, exercise, meditate – these will help you stay calm, sleep well and add healthy years to your life.

Taking care of ourselves in our senior years is the key to living a truly happy life!  Like to add your tips  in self care?  Write to us at: life@allaboutseniors.in.

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