17th May, A day dedicated to increase awareness about Hypertension.

17 May ,a day  marked for a serious health issue that is usually ignored in the initial stages of its occurrence.  Hypertension, also called High blood pressure is the reason of Unnatural death and cardiovascular diseases in people. Not only the senior adults are in the trap of this issue but the younger generation too has entangled them in this circle.

2022 theme of Hypertension was “ Measure your blood pressure accurately , control it , live longer.’‘ The Need of the awareness came with the crisis of 30% of the world suffering from it. 

Choose the right BP Monitor

The reason for hypertension is the Increase in stress activity, Having poor Hygiene, and less intake of water . It can be improved if you start practicing Yoga or meditation or do something spiritual that engrosses all your day away from ill thoughts.

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