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Is Homeopathy the cure for corona-virus?

With the tremendously increasing number of Coronavirus cases each day, every medical professional and every government around the globe is at the lookout for it’s cure. Midst the increasing tension to save the world from the pandemic, different forms of medicine are on the endeavour to minimize the spread of this deadly virus. One such … Read more

Alive and Kicking at 95 – Thanks to YOGA!

Babumoshai…..zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi…. This dialogue from 1971 film, Anand continues to inspire us till date. This one-line dialogue has been an epitome of capturing the essence of how one should live life. Transform your body, mind, breath and heart – Another beautiful essence of life lies in yoga. As Rishi Patanjali says, … Read more

5 Must Reads Post Retirement

Nothing beats the joy of a good book. Books have the power to take us to places we have never been, places that are magical. They help us relive another time and take us on mind-blowing adventures – all without ever leaving home. Invigorating conversations across generations, bringing people of all walks of life together, … Read more