Is Homeopathy the cure for corona-virus?

With the tremendously increasing number of Coronavirus cases each day, every medical professional and every government around the globe is at the lookout for it’s cure. Midst the increasing tension to save the world from the pandemic, different forms of medicine are on the endeavour to minimize the spread of this deadly virus. One such form of medicine is Homeopathy. Deeply rooted in German medical history, this form of treatment believes that minute concentrations of particular toxins can help cure the exact same symptoms it causes in the larger doses.

To find out the effectiveness and possibilities of Homeopathy to treat and cure Coronavirus patients, All About Seniors interviewed the Hon Advisor of Ministry of Ayush, Government of India – Dr. Naval Kumar Verma to gain a practical insight of opportunities that Homeopathy holds to treat viruses like the COVID-19.

Q1). How is Homeopathy different from Allopathy, Ayurveda and other forms of medicine?  

Ans. Homeopathy is a very milder form or can be related with the Nano type of medicine. It is highly diluted medicine in an alcohol-based solution. Based on a natural law called ‘Law of Similar, it is also interpreted as ‘like cures like’. For example- when we chop onions, our eyes start to get watery. So, according to what the law of similar say, if an onion can cause symptoms of watery eyes and runny nose, it can also be used as a cure when these same symptoms are in a disease.

Dr. Verma laid great emphasis on the use of herbs for treating patients. He says that few herbs are known to have very positive health effects on healthy individuals. Therefore, Homeopaths use the same herbs to cure the unhealthy ones and strengthen their immunity.

Q2). Do Homeopathy medicines just slow down the symptoms or treat them from the root cause?

Ans. Homeopathy medicines cure the disease by raising your immunity. It doesn’t aim at killing the virus. Any virus or bacterial disease is only cured when your immunity fights back. This is the reason why some frontline workers got affected by the virus, while others didn’t because they had strong immune systems to prevent the virus from entering their bodies. It is solely our immunity which decided how our body will fight back the disease, either it’s a bacterial or viral one.

Q3). What is the strongest point which Homeopathy has over other medicines?

Ans. Any form of medicine has side effects, but Homeopathy till now has been proven to show no side effects on humans. No human toxicity has been seen till now. However, before the intake of any form of medicine, it is advisable to always consult a registered medical practitioner from the particular field because that person is an expert in that therapy. Proper consultation is also vital to prevent yourself from over or lesser dosage. Homeopathy is a technical system of medicine which visualizes the humans and works for their holistic safety.

Q4). Can corona patients with medical history of other diseases as well combine homeopathy treatment along with their regular medicines?

Ans. Homeopathy is the safest system of medicine for people with any type of illness or viral diseases. Especially for patients with comorbidity – presence of more than one disorder, Homeopathy can do wonders. It does not have any chemical affect which would alter or affect any other organ of the body.

Q5). Can Homeopathy effectively treat coronavirus patients and cure the virus?

Ans. I’ve been observing the corona patients in very minute details. Like in older patients, the fever effects them for at least 8-9 days while it is 4-5 days for the younger people. Homeopathy can be a very effective treatment for the coronavirus. I have treated so many coronavirus patients with homeopathy medicines. When the patient first comes to us, the initial symptoms are mostly lack of smell and lack of taste. After treating a significant number of patients, I have observed that with only 2-3 doses of the medicines the patients revive the ability to smell and identify different tastes. Also, the tests become negative after 3-4 days of consuming Homeopathic medicines.

Ministry of AYUSH guidelines for improving immunity –

Arsenic Alb 30c – 4 pills/2 drops to be taken daily on empty stomach for 3 days only.

The same can be repeated safely after 15 days.

Special advisory by Dr. Naval based on his experience of treating numerous COVID-19 patients till date. If someone feels symptoms like cold, flu, runny nose, cough or fever, the following medicines can be taken as per prescribed by Dr. Naval Kumar Verma –

1). Capsicum 30

2). Gelsemium 30

3). Arsenic Album 30c

4 pills each – 1st day – 2 hourly

2nd day – 3 hourly

3rd day – 4 hourly

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Ground reality facts check –

After talking to Dr. Verma, we contacted the patients he had cured to know about the ground reality of the situation. Following are the feedbacks we got from patients and their relatives who were cured from the virus with homeopathy medicines –

1). Mr. Pramod Kumar, ASI, Tughlakabad Police Station, Delhi –

I got Dr. Naval’s reference from one of my seniors. Whenever any of us at the police station is sick especially these days, we have to report it to our seniors. So, when I told them that I was having fever and loss of appetite, one of my seniors gave me Dr. Naval’s number. I was diagnosed positive with the virus on 20th May. I talked to the doctor after my reports, he prescribed me Belladonna 200 to be taken 2 times a day and Capsicum 30, Gelsemium 30 and Arsenic Album 30c to be taken 3 times a day after every 2 hours.

I also took Mahasudarshan churan for fever and Sitopaladi churan for cough along with Dr. Naval’s medicines. I felt all these medicines to very effective because just after 3-4 days of their doses I started to feel better again, and I had last fever on 23rd may. I was completely cured only from Homeopathy medicines and I would prefer it to others as well

2). SHO, Tughlakabad Police Station, Delhi –

We have been taking Dr. Naval’s homeopathy medicines even before the diagnosis as preventive measure at our police station. His medicines have helped everyone at the police station to stay safe from the virus in the first place by strengthening immunity. Our 2-3 people got affected by the virus but his medicines cured them also in 4-5 days and everyone had a positive response for the medicines.

3). Mr. Devi Singh, Retd. , Delhi Police –

I’ve known Dr. Naval from past 10-15 years. He cured my knee pains and many people suffering from paralysis. Since past 10-15 years, I’ve been consulting him only for any sort of health issues and his medicines have always been effective. There were many people in my known who got affected from the Coronavirus, his medicines have cured all of them also effectively without any side effects in just 4-5 days.

We have tried to compile all the facts and case studies regarding the questions, ‘Is Homeopathy the cure for coronavirus?’ and now we leave it entirely up to you to make a wise decision in the times of need. Just don’t forget to wash your hands regularly, weak masks and stay at home as much as possible because by doing out little bits, we can all help stop the spread of the virus as a team. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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