5 Must Reads Post Retirement

Nothing beats the joy of a good book. Books have the power to take us to places we have never been, places that are magical. They help us relive another time and take us on mind-blowing adventures – all without ever leaving home. Invigorating conversations across generations, bringing people of all walks of life together, books, and the discussion surrounding them are powerful tools in improving the quality of life for anyone. They give us insight into the minds of various people living their lives at various places. Maybe that’s why book clubs are now popping up at senior living communities all over the country. Or maybe it’s because reading has been linked to reduced stress, increased mental revitalization, and even improved memory.

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Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that reading is a popular leisure activity among people of all ages – and especially seniors. Presenting to you a collection of few books that are must-read books post-retirement and keep the learner in you always alive and kicking.

1). Art of Ageing –

Health, finance, and loneliness are perhaps the three most important issues that plague the older generation. Penned by S.K. Kulkarni, this generous book touches upon these aspects in detail. It also lays emphasis on handy resources that can help you to plan your retirement years in a strategic, structured, and convenient manner.

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2). The Little Lady Who Broke All the Rules –

Written by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, this book is the story of a 79-years old woman who fantasizes about escaping her house and robbing a bank. She is adamant about living a life full of adventures, then sulk in her armchair. Along with her four friends, she plans to break the rules the society has set and lived the adventures. The rebel kicks start at home and result in a cunning plan. It is an amusing read and one of the highly recommended books for senior citizens.

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3). Laughter Yoga – Daily Practices For Health And Happiness

This definitive guide by the founder of the worldwide laughter yoga movement – Madan Kataria, M.D., popularly known as “the guru of giggling” will show you how to giggle your way to good health! Bring laughter into your life at any time of day–no special equipment needed, no expensive classes, no new wardrobe, not even a sense of humor! The practices in this book combine voluntary laughter with yogic breathing to provide you with full body-mind workout. Let’s just all accept the fact that there is never a time when you cannot use a hearty laugh.

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4). Madhushala

I don’t think the author here needs any introduction, Harivansh Rai Bacchan’s work always spoke for himself. Madhushala is a book of 135 quatrains. Quatrains are verse of four lines similar to poetry. The poet tries to explain the complexity of life with his four instruments, which appear in almost every verse: madhu, madira or haala; saaki ; pyaala ; and of course madhushala, madiralaya. This highly metaphorical work is still proudly celebrated for its philosophical undertones and deep Sufi incantations.

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5). Tiya: A Parrot’s Journey Home

How would you feel if you are asked to leave your home without any prior notice and you have no other option but to leave without even questioning? This is the core theme of this book penned by Samarpan. Tiya, a parrot and many more similar birds face this challenge in their everyday life when they find it hard to leave their home, the tree. But what happens to them after that? Do they stop living or do they still hope to live a better life? The experiences of Tiya are an eye-opener for many of us as the bird questions the rationale behind our existence on earth through the book. These questions may remain unanswered but if you introspect, you will get inspired by the voice of your soul.

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As JK Rowling quoted in Harry Potter, “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” We also believe that your post-retirement years can transform into happy, peaceful years if you chose to explore yourself and the world around you, one book at a time. As we are writing this article during the Coronavirus lock down, these books might not be available at the given links. However, these are some handpicked reads so must read once the lockdown is over or maybe ask any of you family member if they have any of these, but don’t step outside. Stay home, stay safe. Have a happy reading.

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