How to choose the right Yoga Mat !

It is a universal thing to do a few tasks in a particular uniform or with specific equipment. It gives a sense of belonging with the activity being performed if you truly indulge yourself in it. The right costumes or equipment build confidence in oneself and help do the task more efficiently. Similarly, it is very important to use yoga mats while practicing yoga for correct postures. Although the concept of yoga mats might be quite new to the Indian market, it indeed is an important one. There have been cases where people injured themselves or developed body pains but practicing yoga on wrong mats.

Are Yoga Mats really necessary?

A yoga mat defines your space, it sets healthy boundaries for you to practice your yoga within. If you don’t have a stable and comfortable surface beneath yourself while practicing yoga, chances are there you might slip into wrong postures causing immense joint aches. Your yoga mat can be your faithful companion in the journey of the practice. Further, if your go to clubs or parks to practice yoga with your friends, a yoga mat separates your space from theirs, giving you full freedom within the limitations to perform your postures.

Yoga Mats provide friction and cushion that make the practice more comfortable and consistent. The cushion is very important when you are doing an exercise that involves stretching into various bodily postures. It makes sure you body has a comfortable surface and puts you at ease of performing effortlessly. These mats are also sticky enough to not slip away when you perform anything that requires continuous movements, preventing you from crashing on a hard surface.

Now the question arises, ‘How to choose the right yoga mat?’ Beyond the choices of color and pattern, a yoga mat should suit your style of practicing. It should be comfortable, portable and storable. Mats are of different kinds and the variations depend on how these mats are made, it depends on the thickness, material used, surface texture and a lot of other significant factors. Here’s a little guide which we hope can become handy for you to choose the right yoga mat for yourself –

Material – The material of which the mat is made of determines its eco-friendliness, stickiness, and comfortability.

1). Most yoga mats are made of either rubber or vinyl – otherwise known as PVC. Rubber mats have jute and cotton in them making them eco-friendly but less spongy.

2). On the other hand, vinyl mats last a long time and can endure many yoga classes but aren’t eco-friendly.

3). The mats should also be made of materials that are temperature resistant, oil resistant, water resistant, chemical and electrical resistant.

4). The best kind of mats are reinforced flexi, low density polymer mats as advised by internationally recognized inspirational yoga and meditation teacher Dr. ALV Kumar.

Thickness –

The thickness of a standard yoga mat should be between ¼ inch to 1/8 inch.

1). If you are slim, or have weak joints and joint aches, a mat of about ¼ inch thickness will work for you. Its thickness will provide better support to your joints and will also help ease the pain.

2). On the contrary if you are healthy, a mat of 1/8 inch thickness will be suitable for your practice.

Texture –

Smooth mats can prove to be the best ones, given you choose them right.

1). Some mats can give you a sticky feel, but that property of a mat is important for providing traction and just so they don’t slip away.

2). There are mats that have textured patterns naturally to provide firm grim and then obviously are less slippery.

3). A cotton or jute yoga mat works fine, but a rubber mat comes with a nice texture.

4). Rubber yoga mats are great for gentle yoga types.

Your body type –

One of the major factors influencing the kind of yoga mat you’ll buy is your body type. How long, broad or thick your mat should be will wholly depend on your body type. We have already informed you about the aspects of thickness, material and the texture of different yoga mats. Now, it’s completely up to your comfort what suits you the best.

International Yoga Day –

21st June is celebrated as the International Yoga Day worldwide. Yoga is something, India introduced to the world and now it has become the number 1 go to for everyone around the globe for health-related matters. It becomes more of our responsibility now to acknowledge the art and practice of yoga in right ways with right process and mats. This International Yoga Day, lets pledge to embrace yoga and indulge it into our daily routines for a better, healthy and happy life.

Here is all the motivation you need to make yoga a habit in your daily routine

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