Gap to fill, not an App to chill

5 easy ways to reduce the Generation Gap 

In a fix? What to talk about with your grandchild?

The gift of having a grandchild is special for grandparents as they wait a lifetime to see the new youth or the new flower in the garden of their family. The generation gap at times acts as pebbles in this garden of life.

This generation gap has also got further wide due to the overuse of technology. So with these changing times, all about seniors encourages all seniors to grow with the right attitude and cherish each day to the best. Here are a few simple ideas that can help in reducing the generation gap.

1. Grow with kids

if the sky demands peace birds can’t stop flying, the same goes with the little champs. They enjoy their leisure time in technology and get connected through it. So let’s join them, if not at their pace, then at the pace, you are comfortable at. You certainly will strike a connection, sooner or later.

  • Show our interest in their favorite games.
  •  Know their favorite genre that they watch or read on their i-pads.
  • Get to know about new gadgets by them and meanwhile get the time to have a nice conversation with them.

2. Communicate

Not just the harsh advice disappoints a kid but adding your own order in their life decisions shatters their hope. Communication is the key, unlock the blocks that are created, that disturb your mind. Talk about their day, share with them about your lesson from the week, and exchange the idea of being tech-savvy. From lifestyle to life habits share with them all and know their different sides. Yes, don’t forget to hear them too.

 3. Share your inspiration

We all have some inspiration in our lives that help us move ahead in our lives. Inspiration is needed in this hectic life of social media. Not everyone is true to their fans and family. So share your inspiration and you will be surprised that real stories are much more impactful than the reel stories.

4. Tell them your story

Everyone has stories and grandkids take special attention to the stories of their grandparents. Kids enjoy listening to these stories and find themselves in between. They love the idea that our grandma or grandfather was the protagonist, # hero of our life. Your stories can guide them if they are having some confusion or boost them if they are in some problem in their life.

 5. A small walk or a vacation

Yes, it’s fun. Visit a nearby market or some other place wherever comfortable with your child/ grandchild. Explore their places of interest or ask them to take you where you want to go. This helps in forming a bond along with knowing each other. If health allows, short vacations are also a great way to reduce the generation gap and build memories that last forever.

The above steps need some effort but the results are many folds. The satisfaction of connecting to your child or grandchild is absolutely unmatchable. So try these out and let us know if you too have any tried and tested ideas for reducing the generation gap.

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